The unbearable light
Of Yellow fields
Where once a dream
Where row upon row
Of waiting grapes
Swell upon the border
And silver sparrow
A brazen flare
Pecks at this at that

I sat legs crossed
With tangled strands
Brooding at the nest
Watching Fractures gape
And worlds begin
And bursting forth
In agonising ecstasy
Clawing from the inevitable
My eyes squint toward a sound
This screaming smear
Pried open
Its conquer and its absolute
Light upon light
And light again
I shuffled at the wing
To taste the metal shards
Of imposition
Riding at pre dawn

And there within the bellow
The blinding echo of my joy
I have seen it
The secret and her star
The light that hath no shadow
There on yellow fields












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