SOLO EXHIBITION, Montsalvat Arts Centre, Eltham, Vic 

APRIL 4th-28th 2019


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Exhibition Schedule :

Montsalvat Arts Centre

4th – 28th April 2019

Opening celebration:  Saturday 6th April 2019 2-4pm

7 Hillcrest Avenue Eltham 3095

Meditative. Solitary. Transforming. Painter & Poet Belinda Rogers sits in front of a blank canvas using small cloths to paint emotive inner landscapes. Her recent works will be celebrated with an official opening on Saturday 6th April 2-4pm at Montsalvat Art Centre, Eltham.

The scale of her paintings are immense. “I prefer to paint on large panels because I can give myself completely to the experience of painting without disruption from my periphery.” Belinda exhibits internationally and has spent a lifetime devoted to her work. When asked what it feels like to paint, she replies, “Like standing at the bottom of a rushing river and trying to hold steady the empty plate in my hand…”

This exhibition is a rare opportunity to view both oil paintings and poetry as a single vision. The exhibition will run from the 4th – 28th April 2019. RSVP to this free event by calling Montsalvat on T: +61 3 9439 7712 or via E:Mail montsalvat@montsalvat.com.au



Lonny Jarrett, Author, Nourishing Destiny, The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine.

“Belinda Rogers takes us into a subtle realm of beauty, into a waking dreamtime of imagination. Each picture and poem stands individually, and yet a story of feeling and imagery emerges, somehow differently with each viewing.” 


Dr Kerry Watson OMD, Registered Chinese Medicine Doctor

“The artworks so soft yet rich, giving dreamlike colour to their paired poems, as they hover together, just for a moment. So hauntingly beautiful. Those words dig deep into the artworks to offer up their truths. They speak of impermanence and transcendence like the classic finger pointing to the moon”


Dr John terry OMD, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and Qi Gong Practitioner:

“Along with meditation and writing Belinda Rogers poetry is a regular part of my daily tuning in. Sometimes confronting always nurturing my inner sense of connection with the daily life I lead. The paintings in this book bring alive in colour the affecting nature of the words. Thankyou Belinda”



Review by C. Schembri

“The Dreaming Seed connects our conscious mind to the subconscious with her exhibition Samurai under desert sky.

Her works in this exhibition express true honesty towards the heart of the painter, the protagonist and the audience.

The work flows from the deep earthy tones of creation and nourishment, to striking shapes and colors of hope and passion,

it is as if the artist has carved deep into the painting to reveal its true soul.

The exhibition represents a humble balance between deep earthy oils, layered thick above the canvas, and subtle free flowing waters.

Samurai under desert sky, by Belinda Rogers, is an adventure of the spirit and mind and will leave you in anticipation of this artists’ next chapter of poetry.”






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